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eating healthy does not have to be complicated!

I do not enjoy spending hours upon hours making food in the kitchen! 

And Recipes that take forever and require a dehydrator are not my thing! 

I like my food to be simple, quick, easy, healthy and most Importantly, delicious! 

and i enjoy life the most when the food i eat makes me feel good hours after i'm done eating!

This is why I created my new book! 

all recipes are simple, uncomplicated, healthy and require only 5 ingredients! 

in fact, Some recipes only need 2 ingredients! 
to raw veganism 
Everything we eat either adds to our health or causes dis-ease! There are NO neutral foods! 
everything you eat matters!
In order to feel our best, we must put in the best! Fresh, ripe, preferably organic raw fruit and veggies are the best foods on earth for the human body!
top 10 reasons
We go over the Top reasons that we need to eat as much raw living foods as possible! The quality of your life and energy level depends on it! 
fruit-based recipes
The most energizing breakfast is a mono-meal of fruit for breakfast! In this chapter we discuss the best fruits for breakfast and 15 reasons why you should eat mono- meals of fruit for breakfast starting TODAY!
quick + easy breakfast ideas
Coffee is an extremely toxic stimulant that damages your adrenal glands, thyroid, nervous system and digestive tract! In this chapter, I share my favorite raw vegan alternative to coffee that will give you a burst and energy without ANY negative side effects!
smoothies + smoothie bowls
There is nothing faster or healthier than a green smoothie or smoothie bowl! I give you my favorite recipes that are not only energizing and packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but also incredibly delicious!
fresh juices
Freshly made juice is the best way to get added nutrients into your diet! If you have any health issues... fresh juice is a mandatory staple of your healing protocol!
so delicious!
I worked at a raw vegan juice company for almost 10 years where I perfected my original recipes shared in this chapter! They are so good and energizing that you'll never want to buy juice from the store again! 
If there is ANYTHING that you'd like to heal... there's a juice for that! Let the healing powers of fruit and vegetables help you heal naturally!
the secret!
The secret to living a healthy lifestyle.. is to stay consistent long enough to see results and feel the incredible benefits of eating food that is good for you! The ONLY way to achieve this is to find healthy things that you absoluteluy LOVE to eat! 
no regrets!
This chapter is dedicated to all my favorite quick and easy raw vegan treats that are so yummy you won't believe they are healthy too! These recipes are super popular with kids too!
fail to prepare and prepare to fail! These treats are perfect for satisfying any sweet or salty cravings! For best results, make them on the weekend to ensure you have healthy and delicious snacks ready to eat throughout the week!
My favorite quick and easy recipes for nut mylks, cheese alternatives, puddings, etc. Most dairy alternative recipes are complicated, require fermentation time and/or 1 million dollars worth of cashews.. the recipes in this chapter don't! 
every seven days!
Our taste buds change every seven days! In other words, fruit tastes deliciously sweeter and vegetables are more statifying once our taste buds are no longer being altered by weird chemicals and fake processed foods!
cheese is deadly
Did you know that dairy is the number one carcinogen in the world?! Nothing causes more cancer in the human body than fluid from a cows uterus! Try these recipes out and never worry about the dangers of eating dairy again!
dinner is served
Most of my clients that want to transition to a raw vegan lifestyle are successful all day but when dinner time comes... that is when they struggle sticking to their plan! With these recipes it's easy to stay raw and go to bed extremely satisfied!
no salt needed!
If you'd like to add some Himalayan Pink Salt to any savory recipe, feel free but all my recipes are designed to not need salt, added sugar, oil or an abundance of spices! The delicious flavors in my dinner recipes mainly come from fresh herbs!
Holiday + party food 
The recipes in this section are great for dinner parties, holidays, get together or any occasion!   
life is short!
Too short in fact so I make sure I have something delicious every night for dessert! These treats will not only stop your cravings but you'll look forward to making them for friends and family! 
what we crave!
Whatever we crave is in our blood stream. In other words, if we stick to eating new healthy alternatives to our favorite junk foods, after seven days we will start to crave the new foods we have been eating! Try it and see!
brownies, snickers + more!
Whatever your fav sweet treat is... you can find a healthy raw vegan alternative for! My cheesecake recipe is an all time favorite for get togethers and no one will guess it's healthy!
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